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Coming Soon

Anything can be traded for anything else.

All exchanges by bartering. No currencies.

Current inventory & accepted items:

Small objects (fit in your hand), Stories, jokes, dance moves, poetry, images.

A public re-imagining of exchange and the value of things.

Look for The Factory in your neighbourhood in the summer of 2024.

Nephomancy and the Prophetic Language of Clouds

A visual-poetic guide to cloud divination.

in Collaboration with Onjana Yawnghwe

Dinosaurs Killing Humans

with Róisín Adams.

The name kind of says it all. Now in its 4th year of production.

A shadow play of short scenes depicting various ways a dinosaur could kill a human. With a nod to classic Saturday morning cartoons and a playful sense of idiocy.

Grief, playing hide-and-seek and the semiotics of the veil


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